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Finland- weekend trip to Kurjenrahka National Park.

When I was buying cheap plane tickets to Finland I did not think about the Plan. I did not care what I am going to do there. I just wanted to tick next country in my tatoo challenge (I will write some words about that chalenge next time, sorry guys). But to be honest the Plan went to me on its own. His name was Aki, and he was from Finland.

Here is the story. I work in Cumulus manufactury (we are making down sleeping bags and jackets) and some day I received e-mail from Aki about buing hydrophobic down (super cool filling by the way!). Of course it was possible and he bought it from us but I was intresed
what that Guy is going to do with it. I asked him and then he sent me link to his blog with pictures from his trips in Finland and quilt DIY project. He also made a tipi style tent and ultralight tarp. "That is the man"- I thought. In next e-mail I asked him what can I do after arriving in Turku. We crossed some messages and he recommended me Kurjenrahka National Park very close to the city. He also promised that he will arrive to meet me, bring me a good map and a gas canister (impossible to take as a carry on). I was excited to meet an outdoor blogger from another country.

I packed all my stuff in my new backpack (Scrambler by Mountain Hard Wear- do not recomment, promise that I will write an review). I flight with WizzAir and got only small carry on. Dimensions was ok, and weight was under 7kg what was really good having in mind that it was gear on four days, three nights in quite cold weather, with cooking on my own and sleeping in hammock.

Hammock! That is super imprortant thing. Becouse of this I went to Finland. I tested new hammock with ultralight underquilt and topquilt (Stay tuned! It will be the most effective system in Europe! Launching soon!).

Flight was ok. Took only 1 hour and 10 minutes. Security went with no problems. I arrived in Turku airport and got bus to city center for 3 EUR. It was dark already. I left bus on bus station after maybe 15min drive, then asked very nice woman about return ticket to Kuhankuono. She was confused:
- Do you know that it is not in the city? That it is in forest, it is a national park?- she asked.
- Yes I know, that is the place I am going to - I said.

I paid 20 EUR both ways and got about an hour to bus leave to Pori. I asked about any grociery shop nearby, did small shopping (so
expensive! I bought the cheapest pasta, beer, bread, cheese...and local SIM card to get internet data) and catch a bus. Drive to Kuhankuono takes about a half an hour (25kilometers). I was on campsite after 19:00 and saw my first owl on the way. Was cold, was dark and it was a very small drizzle in the air (permanent that everything was wet but you did not feel that like a proper rain). I took some photos and after a 40minutes I saw a headlamp on the road and heard a voice. That was Aki and after a while and few words I knew that he is ok. My English was not as good as his was, but he understood me and we was talking up to midnight next to the fire. We was talking about Poland, Finland, Lapland, hunting, making gear. When I offered beer he laught and said: "And you are from Poland":)

Then we set a camp. He got his production cuben tarp and quilt and a Therm'a'Rest airmat. I got my hammock set. First night was not so good. Tarp made of silnylon streches when wet and touched the underqulit which became wet and cold. Hammock suspension made of dyneema cord was best of all but underquilt suspension was not perfect. I got some time to improve it and it is what I am doing.

Aki can not start a day without a coffe and it was first thing he prepared in the morning on his wood gas stove. I found out that this kind of stove is perfect for flight trips: you can take it as a carry on and you have got fuel everywhere. I prepared a hot tea to warm up a little. Day was cold, wet and foggy
but I did not care. I was happy. We did a small walk to see the lake and took some pics together. Then Aki had to go and I stayed alone. Thanks for meeting and your help (gas, map)! He promised me that he and his family will visit my new flat in Poland. Looking forward to!

I packed my things and started my trip along the Savojarvi lake. The track was realy nice even in that weather (but boards on which I was walking was very slippery and I had to be super focus). I was trying to make some pictures of wet spider web and birds (my lens was not long enough to catch them nicely). I did a short stop on Lakjarvi on
something warm. I found there a notebook where people write about there visits. I was proud that I was first from Poland who did small note there. I also met there to survivalists who tried to start a fire using only wood. As long as I was eating they were not able to do that but were very desperate to learn that skill.

I finished my day on the Sarkijarvi lake. Set my hammock again, very comfortable this time, cooked pasta, drank tea and went sleep. I was hanging very next to the very clean field toilet and becouse of quite a strong rain in the night I kept all my stuff in it. Night was very nice, warm and I slept very well with rain played on my tarp like on drums.

Third day in Finland started awesome. First time there I saw the Sun. It was very sunny in the morning, warm and no fog at all.But it took only one hour and after that nice breakfast time clouds totally covered the sky again.I was walking back to bus stop throgh very old forest Pukippalo Reitti. I did some awesome pics there using my fisheye lens. Track was a little similar to our paths in lower mountains like Góry Stołowe. I was pleased and walking was a pleasure. When I arrived to Kurienpesa again I started fire and decided to spend a night in the hut with fireplace insidse. I connected two banks and covered them with hammock underquit. That was my bed during last night. It was super warm but I had to wake up three times in the night to add some wood to the fire.

Last day I catched a bus back to Turku. Did a souvenir shopping (chocolates and postcards for my very good friend and parents) and went to the airport. I did not want to look around Turku, I wanted this trip to be wild, spent in the forest. Mostly alone, only with my minds, thinking about future plans and about present situation. About my wins and failures. About problem solves and if it is worth my hard work. And I did it. It was wild trip. With only a few things in my backpack, simple food and lot of thoughts. Was nice to meet with Aki, hope we will be in touch and I will be able to show you noth of Poland as you showed me your country.

Have a look at Aki's blog, it is worth to! http://akpojanblogi.blogspot.fi/

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  1. Thanks for writing in english ;-) Was a little easier for me than polish... Nice photos! I forgot to take photos from your hammock system when it was still hanging between the trees. It looks very good! Should test sleeping in a hammock sometime.

    I wouldnt say that my english is better than yours ;-) Anyway, it was easy to talk with you and i had very good time there. Hope to meet you again as soon as possible. Like you said, maybe in Poland next time... We'll be in contact. :-)

  2. Dziękuję bardzo! Nice to read about your trip to Finland. Weather in the early winter is not so nice, in the south of Finland mainly cold, dark and damp as you noticed. For testing purposes that is very good! I will try to come and see the Cumulus production next spring when I am returning from Iberian peninsula.

  3. Hello Erikki!
    Very nice to see you here! That was so great conditions to test new stuff. I have found Finland to be so nice! Thanks for comment.

  4. Cześć! Już za kilka dni wybieram się pierwszy raz do Finlandii... Podobnie jak ty startuję w Turku i chciałabym odwiedzić ten Park Narodowy. Zainteresowała mnie wzmianka o wildeness hut ulokowanej w Kurienpesa.... Nie mogę znaleźć takiego miejsca na mapie, ani żadnej wzmianki o nim w internecie. Co to takiego i gdzie się znajduje? Byłabym bardzo wdzięczna za odpowiedź! Przesyłam serdeczne pozdrowienia :)